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A new way to interact with travel enthusiasts. Promote your travel-related products and services to thousands of travelers.

How it works

With Uptrip, users collect digital trading card games which they can use to complete specific collections and redeem rewards. These rewards can be flight-related (e.g. Business Lounge Access, Wifi on-board or a class upgrade) and also travel-related, that can be useful in the entire travel journey of the customers.

We are looking for partners that are interesting in make available their travel-related products and services for these passengers.

Advantages for you

New distribution channel for your company
Reach customers that are travelling and and have an above average spending power, making this a particular and effective marketing channel that you can unlock to grow your customer base and your revenues.
Get access to +100 Mio passengers from 8 airlines
Uptrip is already present in all 8 airlines from Lufthansa Group and has access to +100 million passengers per year, providing an unique competitive factor for your company and your products and services.
Be part of the community and join thousands of users
Uptrip was launched in May 2023 and so far we already have +20.000 registered users, making this the perfect timing to onboard new partners and leverage considerable network effects.

Our Partners


3 hours of Luggage Storage


3 months Language course


1 Wine Experience


1 Free Classic postcard

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