Fly, Collect and Win:
Turn your flights into rewards

Uptrip rewards you every time you fly, with digital trading cards. A new way to get multiple privileges like free in-flight Wi-Fi, Lounge Access, Upgrades and much more!



Available for all Lufthansa Group airlines

Uptrip digital trading cards

Start collecting cards and turn your trips into collections of experiences - stored for eternity on the blockchain.

Embrace the joy of collecting digital cards from your trips!

Every collection requires different cards to complete and will reward you with a unique reward for your next trip.

There are easy collections and more difficult ones but with higher-value rewards. You decide how you want to be rewarded for your flights!

But be aware: you cannot use the same card twice!

Get rewards from your
1st flight

With Uptrip, you don't need to wait for ages to get your rewards. Every flight you take counts!

Use your cards to complete various Uptrip collections - once redeemed, each awaits you with a special reward.

Unlock special cards

Try taking a flight on new years eve or crossing the north pole - maybe a special card will await you?

NFTs on Blockchain

Every Uptrip trading card can be minted as a unique NFT on the
Polygon blockchain.

Trade with others

Connect with other passengers through the App and trade your cards to complete collections faster - coming soon.

How does it work

1. Scan your boarding pass

Or upload your boarding pass after your trip. It's that simple

2. Choose two cards for your personal collection

You can choose the cards you need to complete a collection or just your favorite ones

3. Complete collections

We have more than 10 collections that you can complete, each one with a reward

4. Redeem your reward

When you complete a collection you get a reward - just try it out!

1st Edition launched in March '23


digital trading cards

From cities to airplanes, you can get hundreds of beautiful cards that will make you remember your trips forever!

Cities: Salt Lake City, Lisbon, Bogotá, Frankfurt, New York, Rio de Janeiro, Xangai, Mombasa, Singapore, ...

Airplanes: Airbus A320, Boeing 747,
Embraer 190, ...

Specials: Fly on New Year's Eve, Cross the North Pole, ...

... any many more


collections to complete

Our collections are fun to complete and will give you the opportunity to get exclusive rewards!

Lufthansa Fan - FRA/MUC, Lufthansa + LH airplane cards

Keep connected - ANY 6 cards

Travel the World - One city for Europe, Asia, Africa, North America and South America

... any many more


worth of rewards
per user

We assembled a set of rewards valuable and that will make you feel truly rewarded for flying with the Lufthansa Group!

2.000 Award Miles

Wifi (Continental & Intercontinental)

Business Lounge Voucher

Frequent Traveler and Senator Status

... any many more

Download and start collecting

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